Top 5 Fall Bike Destinations


As the snow starts to fall here in Summit County, don’t panic… you can still get some riding in before winter is in full swing!  

Here are some of our TOP 5 places to ride until we’re all shoveling snow…

1)  Moab, Utah

Distance from Summit County: 4h 45m

Why we like it:

Meet the Man Behind Carvers - Thad Eldredge -


It’s come to our realization that most of you are often surprised that we are a one location, family-owned business.

Who we are, and what we offer at Carvers goes much farther than just throwing ski and bike rentals at you as you walk through our doors  (though, we’re really, really good at that too…)

Who we are is large reflection of the brains and heart behind our business. 

How to get your bike ready for summer


Springtime means different things to different people up here in Breckenridge but, for a good percentage of the population, springtime means it’s finally time to pull the bike out of hibernation. The snow is receding and the roads are finally dry enough to cruise (the trails are a different story), but before you get all gung-ho about getting out there, take note of what steps should be taken to make sure your bike is good to go.