Meet the Man Behind Carvers - Thad Eldredge -

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Breckenridge Ski Rentals | Breckenridge Snowboard Rentals | Breckenridge Bike Rentals
Breckenridge Ski Rentals | Breckenridge Snowboard Rentals | Breckenridge Bike Rentals


It’s come to our realization that most of you are often surprised that we are a one location, family-owned business.

Who we are, and what we offer at Carvers goes much farther than just throwing ski and bike rentals at you as you walk through our doors  (though, we’re really, really good at that too…)

Who we are is large reflection of the brains and heart behind our business. 

Because of this, we thought it would be fun to introduce you to our owner -- the man behind the madness, the jokster, family man, husband, father to two amazingly cute twins, outdoor sport extraordinaire – and his mission.

First things first… how did Thad end up here?        When he was a kid, his family’s spring break tradition was to make the 10+ hour drive from Iowa City, IA to ski the Summit County areas.  This instilled in him of love for the sport and for this area (as well as an appreciation for Willie Nelson which is all his dad would play during the drive). Naturally, once he graduated college in 1993, he decided to put his political science degree to use and become a ski bum.

How it all got started…     His first two seasons in Breck were spent were spent working at high volume ski shops where he fell in love with the work and the industry. At the time, he was also doing a lot of research about going into business for himself. 

     One summer (known as the off-season way back when), Thad and his best friend decided to use the knowledge that they had gained in the ski industry, and started a coffee cart in the center of town.  All jokes aside - this is where he was able to get a small taste of starting up and maintaining a small business.

     In the summer/fall of 1995, he saw the opportunity to purchase a small ski rental shop on the north end of Main Street. And at the ripe age 25 years old – let’s just be honest here - he pretty much knew everything. So he went for it!  

Who we are now.     At first, Thad had pretty simple goals of making money & taking over the town of Breckenridge. However, over the last twenty years (yes... 20… years...), what Carvers means to him has become much more complex and rewarding.

     Not only is Carvers recognized as one of the best ski, snowboard and bike shops in Summit County, but more important to Thad  - Carvers gets to be a part of the unique fabric of Breckenridge and Summit County.

Why we think you should become a part of the Carvers Family (as if you’re not already stoked...)

1. We care about YOU as an individual.

We offer a more personalized Breckenridge experience, with greater depth of knowledge and more competitive pricing than any other shop offering similar products and services here in Town.

2. We support all things Local.

Carvers supports several local outdoor organizations, gives back through donations to dozens of community entities, and we volunteer hundreds of hours to youth sports though coaching and technical clinics.  

3. We employ all humans Local.  

We are a local employer to 8-10 individuals, and we have current and former staff that have been able to realize their dreams of home ownership, as well as start their own ventures, in some part due to their experience at Carvers.  

4. We truly care about how we serve you & your family.

Carvers consistently has a staff of three to four employees that have been with the company a minimum of three years.  These individuals have embraced the culture of excellence that sets us apart from other shops.  Their passion for outdoor recreation, and Summit County is evident.  This nucleus of experience inevitably trickles down to our new staff members and creates a level of customer experience unmatched by our competition.  

What we're really trying to say is...    Carvers isn't just your ordinary ski shop.  

We have so much to offer you as a valuable part of our business and family. We take great pride in helping to give you the best that Breckenridge has to offer - that and we're all really, really, ridiculously good looking. 

We hope that you'll come have fun with us this winter and see what we're all about!